About Us


We are a Democratic club promoting a progressive agenda, and giving voice to the underprivileged in our San Fernando Valley community. We formed when several activists inspired by the 2016 presidential campaign of Bernie Sanders decided that there should a club that represents our agenda.

Our first task as a club was to draft bylaws and a Statement of Principles which serves as a standard of ethos to which we can hold our elected officials (and ourselves) accountable.  As a Democratic club, we hold influence in our locality and within the California Democratic Party, which we would like to see become more progressive, and move away from corporate influence.

Our club consists of elected officers and members.  Our monthly meetings welcome the public to attend and learn about our ongoing priorities.  At our meetings, we have discussions about pressing issues, and we often have influential guest speakers come and present on a particular issue.  As a club, we decide on candidate endorsements, and whether or not to support an issue brought to our attention.  We hold annual elections for our officer positions.

To join our club, please fill out the form and submit annual dues.

Contact us at info@unitedprogressives.today

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